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Mixed Media


Mixed Media Reflection

While doing my research about mixed media I familiarized myself with different types of materials used by modern artists and designers. I understood that In order to use a variety of media and connect different parts in a one beautiful integral piece of art, an artist should have rich imagination. An artist’s choice is not limited to just one particular media, just like for instance in oil painting to oil paints only. The freedom to use different types of media seemed very attractive to me and was one of the reasons for my inspiration. I discovered that any object in our life is a combination of different geometric shapes. For example a human figure can be described in different geometric forms. I was working on the word ” parallelogram”. My research helped me to realize that my canvas piece should have certain qualities to communicate my word easily and clearly. I need to use lots of different techniques and tools to make the textures and materials work well together and clearly represent a parallelogram.
While making my finished product, firstly I visualized where to place my main picture. However, the first attempt was not right – I realized that the picture will cover the word and its definition. So I moved the picture a little bit upwards and kept it in a vertical position. I also made it smaller, since it looked too big on my planning sheet.
After I fixed that mistake I went on and I decided to replace paint with tissue paper because paper would make the shapes look more clear and the edges look sharper. When I cut out all of the parts, I started glueing them onto the canvas which I found challenging because the tissue paper kept on sticking on to my fingers and when I tried to put it back onto the canvas it ripped. I solved this problem by putting the paste on the canvas and then sticking the shape on. I also chose some colors that contrast with each other for the shapes to make them pop out. I mentioned it in my artistic intention.
Finally, the dried work looked glossy and I started thinking about what extra details I should add. I used a black sharpie to outline each individual shape to separate them from each other. I wanted to clearly emphasize the straight lines as I mentioned in my artistic intention. After I did it, I thought that I needed to add more details because the work looked too simple and something was missing. So I took advantage of my previously learned experience and added some zentangles into the yellow squares and the light green leaf.
I think that my finished product was successful because I achieved an interesting piece of artwork that incorporates different types of parallelograms which are linked together, transforming into a beautiful flower and I want to judge this as a success because I achieved everything that I intended and all of the elements and principles of design were followed.

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Calculating Your Carbon Footprint


After calculating all of the numbers and getting my final results I learned that in total I produce 6552.9091 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year. I also found realized that anyone and everyone can take action by trying to reduce their production of carbon dioxide emissions to the minimal amount. For example, I can do that by trying to follow a vegetarian diet more, remembering to turn the lights off in the rooms when there is nobody home, and going to places on public transport instead of by car.

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Don’t Laugh, it’s a Tragedy!

image image image

Describe three of the IB Learner Profile attributes that helped you through rehearsals and in the performance. Explain how you embodied/demonstrated them. (Inquirer, Knowledgeable, Thinker, Communicator, Principled, Open-Minded, Caring, Risk-Taker, Balanced, Reflective)

One of the IB Learner Profile attributes that helped me through rehearsals and in the performance is being Open-Minded because many of our classes were canceled during the rehearsal process and performance and everyone had to be flexible and Open-Minded. Another attribute that helped me is Caring for others because when we were backstage we had to be quiet and Principled in order for the performing group to do their best. Also, at the end of the 6 RJ dance we had to stand in a straight line and link hands and to be Caring and ensure the line is straight I would gently push someone forward or backward, like Ms. Tanya said. While we were performing our act I had to be a gesture communicator to tell Seb or Pranav that I need the microphone, by using tiny hand gestures, a nod or by elbowing them, but only if they forget.

Thinking of your role in the performance (chorus member, Athena, Poseidon, Apollo etc.)… Where did you get inspiration or from whom did you get inspiration? What influenced how you brought your character to life?

I was influenced to bring my character to life by looking at the Greek theatre masks with the different emotions on them, that the chorus would wear. Also, I got inspiration from Ms. Race when she was talking about how great the Greek chorus is and in the beginning of Prometheus act the chorus said that they were the most important part of this performance.
What did you discover about yourself during the Don’t Laugh, It’s A Tragedy rehearsals and performance?

I discovered quite a few things about myself, but what stands out of all the things I discovered about myself is about being nervous because before the performance I had that idea stuck in my head about being nervous. I always had negative thoughts about forgetting everything when I go on stage because I will be nervous, but that was not true it was just my imagination playing with me since I did very well during the rehearsal process.

What are you most proud about our performance of Don’t Laugh, It’s A Tragedy?

There are so many things I am proud of, but mostly proud of all the work I have put in, to make this an awesome performance. Also, remembering all my cues, lines and dances.


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Welcome to Your New Mulgrave CAS eFolio Blog!

efoliologo3Mulgrave School small

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. — Mohandas Gandhi

Not everyone can be Gandhi, but each of us has the power to make sure our own lives count – and it’s those millions of lives that will ultimately build a better world. – Jeffrey Skoll

Welcome to the Mulgrave’s Personal Learning Network (PLN) and the Mulgrave eFolio. All Upper School students from Grades 7-12 are required to develop a a digital eFolio (short for ePortfolio or Electronic Portfolio) blog, an experiential and holistic programme which develops ‘the whole’ student by encouraging engagement in ‘the whole’ world of education within and beyond the classroom. It puts into practice our commitment to nurturing diverse, well-rounded, self-reflective, and compassionate global citizens of the 21st century who exemplify the qualities of the IB Learner Profile and seek to make our world a better place.

The eFolio also serves as the home of the G7-12 CAS eFolio and acts a flexible and accessible avenue for showcase learning, self-growth and personal best through new digital mediums. The development, scope and expectations are facilitated within divisional Advisory Programmes.


The CAS programme is all about Creativity. Activity. Service.

CAS Definitions 2016

For information on how to develop up your G7-10 MY-CAS and G11-12 DP-CAS eFolios or your blog in general, please consult the guides and resources listed below:

  1. Mulgrave CAS eFolio: your everything you need to know about CAS site
  2. G7-10 eFolio Guide
  3. G11-12 DP eFolio Guide
  4. CAS eFolio Resources

For more information and support, speak to your Advisor and the Head of Student Life. If you are looking for student life opportunities to get engaged, please check out social good postings via TMC>>TheMulgraveCitizen, SoGo (for listings of eFolio opportunities), GOLocal for local volunteer experiences and tweets @MulgraveCitizen. Visit the Edublogs User Guide for help developing your new blog.

That’s enough to get you going. The eFolio should be a fun, enriching and rewarding way to explore, find or create your place in the world. Go play!

Antony Wilson
Head of Student Life | Global Education & Outreach (GEO)

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