Child care volunteer

Child care volunteer that I do in Parkgate community centre seemed a bit challenging to me in the beginning of the year. I had numerous experiences and knowledge about how to treat ‘Korean’ infants and toddlers, and I was confident and proud of myself about how well I get close with children and make them follow me. However, western children were different. It was my first time meeting children from variety of different countries including India, China, Canada, France etc. Even though their eyes, hair and skin color was different, one common ground was that English was their shared and common language. I felt a bit lost by this fact of toddlers speaking English because explaining them certain concepts was challenging without using high-level vocabulary that I use with my peers. This fact became an obstacle that blocked me from an open-door communicating nature which was my initial goal and reason why I decided to volunteer in child care centre. Constant failure of communicating with the toddlers made me disappointed and frustrated to myself. Whenever I faced this challenge, I faced an ethical problem as well. What should I do to improve my relationship with the children? Will I be able to overcome this difficulty? Finally, after ruminating my behavior and mind when I treat children in the community centre, I discovered my fault : I was viewing them as different because of their race. It is true that they are from different country and culture, but as a whole, they are just same humans who are cherished and need love and care from adults. As a person who opposed discrimination in the society due to people’s race or nationality because I know how unfair it might be when one experiences it, my behavior toward children was shocking to me. After I discovered my mistake, I started thinking and viewing them as same human beings, nothing different from me. As a result, I felt much more comfortable and cozy being with them and also improved on my English as well as I speak English incessantly, answering their endless questions without worrying about wrong grammar or level of vocabulary like I do in school. Child care volunteer gave me an excellent opportunity to form a special new relationship with toddlers from different countries, and allowed me to prudently inspect my behavior of treating foreign people from foreign country.