Service- Tea Club

This year, I joined my friend’s club, Tea Club. In the Tea Club, we meet in Mandarin Classroom from 1:30 to 2:00 every Tuesday during lunchtime. We usually watch some videos and movies about tea leaves and the history of tea in different cultures. We also did painting with tea leaves for a few times.

During the spirit week, we sold our homemade bubble tea with our own tea leaves at school. It was very welcomed by school students, and all the income went to BC child hospital. I was there helping and making bubble tea as well. It was my first time making bubble tea. I found it really interesting not only because I learned a new skill, but also because I was helping other people during fun experience.

 For the rest of the school year, we don’t really have many activities because everyone is so busy of their exams. But we still gather together and having discussion and fun about tea.