Tea Club

During last one year, our Tea Club gradually changed from tea culture related club to Chinese culture related club. We used to watch some videos and movies about tea leaves and the history of tea in different cultures. Now, we mainly focus on organizing Chinese cultural events and fun activities for students. For example, during the Asian New Year time, our club worked with West Vancouver Secondary and Sentinel Secondary to had a hold a great talent show. Also, our club will invite students together to join different seasonal activities like Halloweens, Cruise trip in Spring…etc.

Although, this year our club leaders are graduating, the Tea Club will be handed over to a current Grade 11 student, and carrying this club on.

 For the rest of the school year, we don’t really have many activities because everyone is so busy of their exams. But we still gather together and having discussion and fun about tea.

Teenager Ballet Dancing

This term, I joined a dancing club. Dancing is something that I have never touched before, and I always believe I was born without any talent in dancing. However, long time period drawing and working give me really serious sore back and shoulders problem, so that I really needed a gentle activity to relax my body.

Before I decided to do ballet dancing, I heard lots of people saying that an age of 18 is too late to learn dancing especially ballet dancing. However, I have seen people at my grandmother’s age dancing every evening at the empty place of the plaza near their homes just to have some fun and exercise.  I believe that there is nothing is too late to learn; even if I am 80, I can still learn ballet dancing as long as I have the determination. Also, I am not aiming at a professional dancer, I just wanted to relax my muscles by doing some basic dance steps.


During the winter break, skating became one of my favourite sports. Unlike the most of people, I personally don’t ski that often. One reason is that I am not good at skiing and another reason is skiing is a much more complicated sport in terms of preparation and other factors. Skating, on the other side, is a much more simple sport that you just need to go to the skate field.  Also, the location is very close to my house, thus I could go weekly.

The best time I had at the skating field was before Christmas. It was bustling with Christmas songs and excitement, and everyone was chatting with fun while they were skating. Unlike other sports, skating really is a relaxed and fun exercise to do during holidays with friends.

Also, we were supposed to use the winter break to prepare for our mock exams coming in January. Under the huge stress and pressure of IB, skating was a great opportunity for me and my friends to gather around together and relax ourselves from stress for a while so that we could have a higher efficiency when we went back to the revisions.

Vancouver Fashion Show

On October 3rd, I went to the 2015 Vancouver Fashion Show and volunteered as designers’ assistant. In this experience, I gained knowledge of how a fashion show was set up, how models were prepared, and how the show ran for the first time.

The show started at 4 pm on that day, and all the volunteers arrived several hours ahead. We helped out arranging all the tables and chairs, ironing the cloths for the designers, and bringing them to the models. Even though those are trivial matters, I learned a lot from the experience. When I took the cloths from the designer’s luggage, I was dazzled by the variety of design of cloths. After that, we followed the designer’s instruction and ironed all the cloths in the way it needed, and I learned how to iron a piece of cloth depending on what material it is composed of. Then we started to arrange tables, chairs, and other things that were needed to set up. I was surprise to realize that there were so many small tricks to arrange the setting, and the position of every table had its function and intention. Also, since the major I wish to to in university is design related, I registered for the next fashion show in March as fashion designer, so I can present my own work which Ii am really  looking forward to!



This is me trying out a Japanese designer’s preseason design.



Welcome BBQ

With the massive pressure, my Grade 12 life has already passed one month. At the end of this month, our school helad a really exciting event—-Welcome back BBQ! In this BBQ, all the Grade 12 students would take over the leadership, and hold all the activities.

For me, my “missions” were making popcorn had cotton candy for all the visitors. I loved my parts since I like popcorns and cotton candy myself, and when I was still in kingdergarden, my biggest “dream” was to have my own cotton candy cart one day and sell it in a playland. Now, my dream has become true, and I really enjoyed how those lovely kids smiling to me when they got their popcorn and cotton candy. That is also why I think we sold those for free, because money cannot buy true smiles.


This photo was taken when I was making cotton candy.


I have lots of friends in Grade 11 right now, and I really wish next year, when they become the new Grade 12s and take over the leadership from us, they will still enjoy in what we are doing right now, and continue the happiness.


Grade 11 Final Reflection

After abundant after class activities and long  busy learning process, our school year is finally about to finish. This year, I have done several major creativity, actions, and services not only because I was required to but also because I wanted to.

For creativity, painting, playing drums and guitar are my major creativity. As I said in last year’s final reflection, I wanted to apply to art and design school for university, thus I needed to improve improve numerous art techniques. For me, oil painting is always my favorite kind of painting. Last year, it was a completely new painting way for me to learn and I had to have my teacher around me to tell me things all the time to finish one painting. Now, I can make up with my own idea, and finish it pretty much by my own. By doing oil painting, I didn’t only learn a new skill, but also cultivated my taste. Moreover, I have also been going to an art studio for more than one year now. I go to that art studio 16 hours per week, and prepare for my art portfolio for university. It was one of my biggest challenge—-I had to find a balance between the art studio and school work. I was being balanced pretty well earlier this year. However, as the pressure in Grade 11 gradually increased, I started to feel weary  and hard to find a balance point between two. This is also I plan to work on for next year.

For action, as I planned, I  played badminton in school. It was a great opportunity for me to get involved in a school-based activity. Because of my art studio and school work, I barely had extra to play sports. Therefore, it was a great opportunity for me to get some exercises and work out. I was also planning on join the school basketball B team; however, unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to join the basketball team. Moreover, I counted guitar and drums both as my action because both of them require lots of movements to play.

For service, mandarin tutoring is my major activity. For me, Chinese is my first language and I really enjoy that I can share my experience and knowledge to different cultural students. Furthermore, teaching other people mandarin does not only improve other people’s mandarin, but also improves my English. Moreover, this year I went to the Municipal Election and helped out as Register Official. It was a long-14-hour working day, but it was really a good experience for me to get in touch with all kinds of people in the society.

Overall, comparing to my last year CAS, I did not do as much as I did in last year because of the big Grade 11 pressure; and I believe it  is only going to be worse in Grade 12. Therefore, I wish I can find my balance point soon, and also find a way to relax myself in Grade 12 instead of being stressful all the time. Also, actually, what I have done fore creativity, action, and service is much more than what I have recorded in my efolio. However, I believe that the reason I am doing these is not I have CAS efolio to write, but is that I sincerely want to improve myself. For next year, I think I will maintain what I am doing now, and try more interesting and adventurous activities.

Action- Badminton

Follow the end of basketball season, the badminton season just started. As I planned, and also because I want to gain more exercise, I decided to join school badminton teams.

After three tryouts, unfortunately I did not get selected in to A team during the rat race. However, I think B team is also a very good opportunity for me to practice during this busy year.

Right now, we have practices every Monday and Thursday. Before I went to those practices, I thought badminton was only about catching the birdy and hitting it back. But after I went for a few practices, I realized that there is actually many skills you need to learn to play well, and there is even combo to do to win your opponents. There is a tournament coming up soon, I really wish I can play and win the game. Thus, I will also be practicing outside of the school

Creativity&Actions-Playing drums

This year, I learned a new instrument which is drums. I always wanted to play drums when I was younger, because I think it is really cool for girls to play drums. Also, drums has the strongest beats, and always gives tempo to the whole band.

Before I actually started to learn, I thought drums would be pretty simple since you only needed to hit the surface. However, after I had my first class, I realized it was also a complicated instrument. In order to create various dynamic of the music piece, drums players have to use arms and legs at the same time; and it was really hard for me at the first time. Sometimes I just could not help myself and could not stop to hit the bass drum while my right arm was moving. Sometimes after I repeated a pattern for several times already, I started to lose the beat and be busy rushing.

However, I will continue to play drums and practice more to solve all these problems.