The Finale of Grade 6

Grade 6 has been really tiring and hard sometimes but not as hard as Exhibition, after Exhibition I realized that everything we do was actually very easy. We started off by making up some topics through the Transdisciplinary theme “Sharing the Planet” and chose our top three choices, three people we would work well with and one person we don’t work well with. After that the teachers would decide who you would go with based on the sheet, after you have been made into a group then Obviously you would start researching or interview experts on your topic in west Vancouver or Downtown etc.
After you have researched for about 2 weeks or so you would have to come up with a Central idea and 3-4 lines of inquiry for your topic through your research, the teachers would teach on how to make a central idea and lines of inquiry. After you have come up with the central idea and lines of inquiry each person in your group will choose a line of inquiry to research and share the other members.
Through out Exhibition the IB attitudes I have expressed are curiosity, empathy, and respect. Curiosity describes me because when ever I have a question or I was wondering on something then wouldn’t just ask my group what the answer was, I would research then share it with my group. I chose empathy to describe because when one of our members need help on a research or on our presentation preparation I would volunteer to help. I chose respect to describe because when my group members get new information I would say good job, when they have a opinion or idea then I would listen to their idea and discuss if we should use it.
Through Exhibition the new skills I’ve developed were social skills and self management skills because I’vs learned to email, text or phone my group members and learned to manage my time to get things done efficiently.
My advice for grade 5’s next year is that chose what you are interested in not what your best friends chooses. Remember to manage your time and contact your group members and RESEARCH.
All in all I think that exhibition was really even though it sounds nervous and scary but its really fun when you get to present to a crowd with your friends.

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