Term 1 Report Card

This year my first report card was pretty decent because of the 5’s. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t the best so I’m am slightly disappointed on some aspects because when I saw the rubric I was a bit confused. Some had highlights in the 7-8 bands but some had marks in the 2-3 bands so I was confused why my mark varied that much. My marks were mostly made up of 5’s but subjects like and Math I got a 6, but for DT I got a 4 because my time management skill was subpar. I really need to work on time managements and ways I can make a better schedule.

I had achieved my goal of getting a high mark in PE and French and I have improved in Math. I achieved them through studying hard and focusing in class. Taking notes and reviewing them was a big part of how I improving. I highlighted the important things that I needed to study and test myself either asking my family members to ask me question of just looking online for tests and quizzes. My new goals are time management, staying organized, and keeping track of homework. These were the goals I did not meet in term 1 so I am coming back to achieve them.

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