Major Action

My major action this year is Basketball because it is a sport that I really enjoy and like to play. I have played basketball for a long time now. I have also swam outside of school in the Rec. Centre for a long time which is also a major action. If i had to choose between swimming or basketball, then it would definitely be basketball  because it is more interesting.

Personal Profile

Two positive words about me are: Fun, friendly.

Something unique about me is: Nothing

I am good at things I don’t like.

Something good a friend might say about me is: Asian

My proudest accomplishment last year was my dance unit in PE

My biggest challenge last year was French

My biggest learning challenge is French

My 2014/2015 school year will be successful if I try harder in all my classes and help out more friends with projects.


CAS, Athletics

For my C.A.S athletics, I swim outside of school every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday for a hour and Saturday for a hour and thirty minutes. I swim in the WVOSC (West Van Otters Swim Club), I’ve swam for 4 years in otters and it’s a lot of fun. ¬†I have join the middle school swim team and is participating in the junior swim team right now. I have participated in the Junior school swim team for 3 years. Swimming is a lot of fun and I encourage other kids to join the swim team.

Swimming (Otters)

In swimming this year I was chosen to go to Christmas cracker which is basically the biggest meet in our club. Only 6 people are chosen from each level to go to Victoria for a swim meet and meet the USA swim team. I saw Brian Lochte and some other famous men swimmers. It was very fun, we went to explore the Victoria island and some cool swimming pools. We took some tours around the island and went on a huge cruise ship. All in all is was pretty fun and i got some autographs from different USA swimmers.