Kes Sequal

Hunting the Hunted
By Simon
As Billy finished covering the grave, the thoughts in his head felt like as if it going around his body and burning him, but somewhere deep within he could still feel Kes’s heart beat in his chest. Billy picked up the shovel and ran home, when he got home he was too scared to sleep with Jud so he just rested on the old rugged couch. Before he went to bed he thought of a plan to sabotage Jud job at the pit for revenge.
So the next day he set of to the pit right after his paper run and had a vengeful plan in mind to avenge Kes. He grabbed his bike and zoomed off to the pit. When he got there it was really crowded and unsanitary, there was black smoke everywhere as if that little place was raided by black dragons. He rushed straight to the pits manager and right before he went in he took 3 huge breathes so it looks as if he was desperate to deliver this message, and so he opened the door to the office and a gush of warm wind flew at him. Billy asked if he could talk to him and then sat down, he told Mr.Yunka a lie about Jud stealing extra coal, Mr.Yunka did not believe him at first but Billy then says that Jud stole extra money from the other workers. Mr.Yunka finally believed Billy and fired Jud immediately the next day.
After the meeting with Mr.Yunka, Billy rushed home just in time for tea time but when he got home he saw something horrible, Jud was really mad, but what worried Billy was that Jud figured out that Billy lied to the pit manager Mr.Yunka that Jud stole extra coal. When Jud saw Billy he said threatened to kill him so Jud grabbed a knife and tried to impale Billy but at the last second as if Billy thought he would die, Mrs.Casper jumped in and saved Billy’s life. Jud suddenly realized that he killed his own mom, he was scared that he was going to be sentenced to death so he ran off into the moonlight. Billy sat their with a demoralized expression on his face. Tears ran down his dry face bringing the dirt with it but he did not cry, he could not cry, as if they were held back by something. Not long later the police arrived and Billy knew that they would assume he killed her so he ran off with his stuff.
Twenty years later…
After the tragedy and the run away from the police Billy finally settled in Sheffield, a beautiful place that does not have Jud but also, without Kes or mom. Billy knows that Jud will still be looking for him and also the police, he knew that not long this nice life will end and he thought in his head, the police are hunting the hunted, me.