Speaking Filters

The golden rule thats been implanted in our minds have been a major factor of us growing up and many things that we learn. Such as when we speak, we filter what we say before it comes out of our mouths. Will this offend him/her? Is this relevant, do I really need to say this? Do I really mean what I say? Such questions act as filters in our mind when we think of something to say and this is what makes someones who they are and how they express themselves. These are very important when it comes to first impressions because when you first meet someone they form a understanding of who you are and how you would act from first impression, how educated you are, do you have manners, etc. are all interpreted from the first interactions. Thus creating the importance of first impressions and talking filters.

Paper Airplane Reflection

Today we had yet another team building exercise, we built paper airplanes and had a distance competition in groups of 2. This exercise helped us understand more of sportsmanship and learning to work together and find the right design. It really helped me learn to give constructive criticism not just put down. This team building exercise was a great success.

Transdisciplinary Skills

I’m most definitely proud of my research skills because I have a library card for the Vancouver library and I go there all the time because my mom needs to pick up my brother. Although, I don’t always trust the internet 100%, I have my mom; she was a elementary school teacher for a few years so she could give me some valuable information on subjects I’m researching. The second skill I have achieved is the communication skills because listening to who ever is talking is a everyday task, and talking, asking questions, and many more. Even though sometime I do talk a little when other people are talking.
After the grade 7 shadow day we had, I chose 2 skill to strive for: Self-Management Skills and Social Skills because I need to be more organized and I need to work on cooperating with others.


Through out these two terms I have learned a lot of new prior knowledge about the world around us, for example: In UOI we learned about famous architectures and architects, we learned about operation with fractions and reciprocals, and in art we learned how to draw vases and flowers.


I chose curiosity for my first attitude because I demonstrate a lot of curiosity when we start a new assignment because I like learning new things. When a new assignment or a new unit is introduced, I would ask a lot of questions and I would be excited, for example when we had to design a model of a house. When it was introduced I was so happy and excited to start building the house, that when I got home that day I started to draw the designs.

Independence describes me because at home I have to make breakfast myself, do family chores, wash my own clothes, and prepare my bag and we had a trip to Eastern USA and it shows how I am independent because we had to manage the use of money and my bags.


The presentation I did was on cell reproduction. The key concepts I includes are function, form, and causation, I described how a cell looks like and what the two phases are. It would’ve been better if my presentation had included more key concepts for example: change, connection, perspective, responsibility.