Me, Myself & I

    This Spring break I was one of my best out of all spring breaks, because I got to wake up until 12 at night on my computer, Eat anything thing I want during the day, wear whatever I woud like. But I mean it was only Me, Myself & I, no one else… . Not fun, but ain’t boring, not formal but not freedom, cool but hot, I mean who doesn’t see its SPRING? That was positive, about negatives… I would say anything. I mean who like learning? As in walking up until 12 at night, waking up in the moring at 7:30, with a stack of homeowrk to go, and a billion books to read? That isn’t spring break, who would like that. But I choose where I want to go in the furture, I plan how it will be, It would effect me on entering universities & higher carers. My spring break was fun but boring, nice but cold, useful but unknown. Overall I would say I had a great time With my spring brek period.

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