Tutoring: Update

While my university news was great to hear, the other strands of school and life are continuing as per usual. I’m going to give a brief update on tutoring right now.

I am still tutoring the same student as I have been for the past year and a half, and I’m enjoying just as much—if not more—than I was before. I’ve really built a nice relationship with her, and we get along very well both in terms of getting work done together and also just talking about stuff that’s going on in her life. My sister is in grade 7 just like she is, so a lot of the stuff thats going on in my sister’s life is also in hers. This is nice as the overlap allows me to really get a sense of what grade 7 is like, which is kind of funny to see as I experienced it so long ago myself.

We work on all different subjects, but lately we’ve been focusing on math and science as those are two of her core subjects. She is really smart and driven and it’s always a pleasure to work through problems with her because she catches on to new ideas and concepts very quickly. The experience in general has made me realize how much I like working with kids and also teaching, and I’m thinking that I’d like to continue something along these lines at some other point in my life, whether it be volunteering to work with young kids or even going into teaching in the future.

In the next coming weeks we are going to be working on her science fair project together, so that she is ready to present it at the school science fair and maybe advance to the provincial one. I’m looking forward to helping her as science is a subject that I myself am interested in—it’s nice to share an interest with someone that I’m teaching and helping.

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