The first part of my soccer season is coming to a close now, unfortunately. I am especially disappointed because I was sick for quite a while, and wasn’t able to play fully for about a month or so. Anyway, we had our league championship game this past weekend. The way the system works, is the number 1 team in one pool plays against the number 2 team in the other pool. We do a cross-over type thing to determine the winner of the league in general. Then, the winner of the league gets an automatic  slot in provincials. Last year, my team won not only the league, but also provincials! We were #1 in our pool, so we had to play against the #2 team. We won, and then this past weekend we had to play the winner of the game in the other pool. This game was against the ’98 North Van team, one of our biggest rivals. We were really nervous but also excited to play, and the game was really intense! We were tied 0-0 through both halves, as well as overtime, so we had to go into penalty kicks. Sadly, we lost in penalty kicks 5-3 🙁 We were all really disappointed, and now we have to win costal cup in order to qualify for provincials. That doesn’t begin until April, however, so the first part of our season is over and we have a bit of a break until the cup. Despite our disappointment at losing, it could be good for us in the long run to have to play more games, so that we are even more ready/prepared to do well in provincials. Hopefully we can stay the reigning champions — back-to-back champions sounds good to me! Also, funnily enough, a couple weeks ago the Burnaby Now newspaper came to the game and took photos/wrote a story for the paper, and I was in one of the cover photos.

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