Everything is really coming together for my Ethiopia trip! Karen emailed my mom asking about flight details, and now we have everything booked. We leave on July 4th, right after I get out of school, essentially, and return on July 16th/17th. ┬áThis gives us a perfect amount of time to adjust to the time difference (it’s 11 hours ahead there!) and have a good opportunity to spend time in Addis Ababa before going to the rural area to meet with Lonzo’s family, and have time afterward to explore without a guided tour.

bale_mountainsI have started to read up about Ethiopia, and Addis Ababa specifically. I learned some interesting things that actually connect to what we are doing in History right now. Interestingly enough, Ethiopia joined the League of Nations in 1923. They also experienced a communist regime, led by Mengistu, which included mass deportations and drove the country into famine. However, this regime was overthrown in 1991 and a new constitution was introduced, and still exists currently. In general, Ethiopia is an extremely agricultural/agriculture-based country. Unfortunately, it is quite a poor country as well.


In terms of this latter point, I think it’s going to be very difficult, while interesting, to experience such a different type of life when we are there. Not only for me, but also for Lonzo. For her to see the difference between her life now and the life she could have stayed in is going to be pretty startling, I imagine. For this reason, I’m glad to be going on the trip to be there for her. I really enjoy being around younger children, and get along with Lonzo very well, and I hope that I can provide the support she might need along the way.

Also, my uncle emailed my mom the list of books about Ethiopia that I am going to read before going. We have ordered them online so I can start when they arrive!

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