Assignment’s Reflection

The last week before spring break, we had a very large work load, we had an assignment for every class. For P.E, we had dance unit (swing dance), for Social Studies, we had an Eastern Canada field trip  booklet which was 20 pages and 14 questions about the Canadian government, for Math we had a math test, for Science we had a science test, for D.T we had the design stage and the creating the solution stage (part 1), for English we had to write and deliver about what it means to be Canadian, for French we had to make a movie about our Eastern Canada Experience along with an oral test and lastly, for Preforming arts we had to write a 800-1000 word essay. Although that week was very challenging and overwhelming,  everybody got through it and got to enjoy they’re spring break afterwards. We have not gotten any of our assignments back but I feel like I did well on most of them but I am worried about my science and math test because the units we were tested on were challenging for me and I did not get time to study that much since I had to complete all the other assignments.

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