G.R.O.W. Goals – 2015/2016

GOAL #1 – Academic

Goal: My academic goal for this year is to improve my presentation skills.

Reality:  This goal is attainable because practicing my presentation skills in front of peers and teachers will boost my confidence level and ability to give presentations. Change in feedback will show if the goal is being attained. 



1- Practice presentation on my own

2- Receive feedback from parents, teachers and peers

3- Use feedback (from parents, teachers peers and previous assignments) to improve presentation

Roadblocks: Nerves

Wrap-up: I will know when I reach my goal when I feel more comfortable presenting in front of class, and have a different mindset (note to self* classmates are peers, they do not give mean criticism).

GOAL #2 – C.A.S.

Goal: My CAS goal for this year is to improve my playing technique and theory for music (for RCM and School Band).

Reality: This goal is attainable because if I follow my piano/flute/band schedule and practice at home, I will be able to achieve my end goal.

– Learn, pay attention in lessons/practices

– Practice

– Input of practice and feedback = results



1- Go to piano/flute lessons and band practices

2- Take sources from lessons/practices and input it into personal practice

3- Present to teachers, receive feedback

4- Use feedback to improve

5- Input sources into music tests, recitals and performances

Roadblocks: Finding enough time to practice (homework, extracurriculars, etc.),

Wrap-up: I will know when I reached the goal if playing an instrument is easier (less struggles), and if terminology is easier to understand.

GOAL #3 – Social

Goal: My social goal for this year is to make new friends and meet new teachers through classes, extracurricular activities and school service.

Reality: This goal is attainable because if I keep a neat schedule and find time to socialize, I will be able to become more fond of my classmates.



1- Join clubs and extracurricular groups

2- Approach people, talk, socialize

Roadblocks: Shyness, Non-fondness of people 

Wrap-up:  I will know when I reached the goal when I am no longer shy around people, have friends to talk to and can easily communicate with teachers.

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