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It’s just about the end

There is 2 days left of school and it is gonna so hype.  For the past 2 days, we haven’t been doing much. We have just been playing games and having so much fun. Today we are having our French party and we are gonna have candy and watch a movie. Tomorrow, we have our ROA assembly and then we are going to Rev’s bowling for our grade party. Then we are going back to school and then school will be over! I am so pumped and excited.

It’s all over!

Two weeks ago, the grade six students and the drama club finished our production Don’t Laugh, It’s a tragedy. The teachers and the students worked hard to write the whole entire script, get costumes, and get all the make up done. There were so many hard working people to help us complete the show. For example Ms. Tanya.  She helped us choreograph all the dances and had time for us to practice. We couldn’t do it without her. We also need to thank all the tech people who helped put in the songs and pictures.

We beat them!

2 days ago, the Mulgrave junior school rugby team beat the one and only  Saint George’s.  At halftime we were down 2-0 and our opponents thought that they had the game secured.  NOT TODAY! We came back and by the end of the game we won 4-2! The people on the sidelines went wild. It was one of the best achievements that we ever accomplished!


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